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Dear anyone

Dear anyone, 

It’s The 8th of April, and I’ve been in England now for three weeks and some days. The sun never shines, except on certain occasions and I long for them. I can’t be bothered to get off the carpet floor  because the radiator feels so nice on my feet. Since being here I have felt every feeling imaginable, but coldness is the most consistent. 

The bacon in this country is bigger and yummier. Laying here debating about what to have for breakfast is a task in its own. Since coming here I’ve made a complete fool of myself in every way. And now I hate myself for the way I treated the people from Mexico, back home in Texas. Feeling different than everyone around you is a task in its own. Then there’s adapting to the time change, food, weather and accents. But for me all of that has gotten easier every single day. The thing I struggle with most is the kitchen. 

The more time I spend in the kitchen the more I destroy things. Who knew light switches and ovens could be so hard to figure out? So far I’ve managed to defrost all the food in the freezer. Leave the “cooking” switch on the oven and the grill. BOOM!!!! Life is so different just across the ocean, and to think, I thought this would be easy.